Monday, October 19, 2009


For me, seeing 11:11 as a moment of time on a clock always makes me stop and ponder the randomness of witnessing this repetition of number one. They are introverted moments, but I'm always caught off guard. This chance encounter with a minute of time is one I always remember. Therefore it is intriguing to me because it always makes a strong impression on me and my thoughts.

I've chosen to explore this phenomenon through my work as a curator because I've come to view it as a symbol and a platform to explore questions of simultaneity and how one can become the center of a situation. I want to collect your experiences of this phenomenon because it is an intriguing documentation of daily life.

As you can read in my archive below, my actions during the moments I witness 11:11 are typical, everyday actions. However, with this in mind the 11:11 Archive Experiment is also meant to serve as a reflection of individual awareness which is affected by visual symbols such as the repetitive occurrence of 11:11 which is the focal point of this blog.

I welcome you to contribute your activities, thoughts and whatever else you wish to share with your 11:11 encounter and help me build the 11:11 archive!

Below are some random experiences of mine:

Sunday, September 20: I finished watching Vicky, Christina Barcelona (11:11 p.m.)
Tuesday, September 22: Turning on the computer to write a friend an email
Saturday, September 26: Getting a ride home from a relative after a party, the clock glowing in the dashboard reads 11:11 (p.m.)
Friday, October 02, 2009: Making the bed

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